Tuesday, November 1, 2011

website seo analysis

Search Engine Optimization, which is commonly termed as SEO is the most important factor behind the success of a website owned by a person or a company. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is technical process which increases the visibility of ac website in the search list. As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimization is very closely related to the search engines like Google and Yahoo where people search for information on various topics. Search Engine Optimization is done with an aim to improve the ranking of a website in the search list which is provided by the search engine when something is searched for. Majority of searchers do not go to page two or three of the search list. So make them visit, a website needs to appear on the upper part of the first page of the search list. It helps to increase the rate of volume of traffic to a website which increases its revenue earning.

SEO is a very interesting as well as very challenging job which calls for special expertise. People who take care of the SEO part of a website are also called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimizers. The visibility of a website on the search list is entirely their responsibility. They not only help in improving the ranking of a website in the search list but also put their best efforts to help it retain its position. Retaining its position for a long time is very difficult for a website as people across the world are launching new websites everyday. The SEO persons closely observe the trend of searching that people are following. They take note of the kinds of information that most people are searching for and the common types of keywords that they are using. Accordingly, the SEO persons edit the contents of a website. They incorporate search engine friendly keywords and HTML codings so that the website appears earlier on the search list.

Without proper SEO, a website is just useless and that’s why people are stressing more on SEO these days rather than designing and putting information in a website. In fact these days, people are designing their websites keeping in mind the SEO part. They are putting visuals, graphics and logos in their websites in such a way so that people’s eyes get stuck to it on the very first view. It is the Search Engine Optimization that puts life into a website and is thus the most indispensable tool to be used while creating and developing a portal.



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