Wednesday, November 2, 2011

corporate website designs

Websites that are maintained by companies to provide people information about themselves are known as corporate websites. Corporate websites are basically maintained to introduce viewers, customers and clients with a company or organization on the web. A corporate website provides all kinds of information about a company to help people get an idea about its activities. Corporate websites serve the purpose of company representatives and are very effective as people across the world get access to them at any time.

These days, companies irrespective of their sizes, are maintaining corporate websites as it is the best medium to reach millions of people in real time. corporate websites are quite cost-effective too as there is no need to appoint people for receiving telephone calls of customers, neither there is a necessity to send representatives from door to door for campaigning for products and services. Everything is available on the websites.

However, a maintenance of a corporate website may not turn out to be fruitful if it is not designed properly. The design and look of a corporate needs to be attractive and it should be equipped with tools that can help people access the site easily. There is a particular format for corporate website designing and there are companies that specialize on this sector.

Generally corporate websites include things like a homepage, a navigation bar for accessing various sections of the site, a unified look and feel, attractive graphic images, style sheets and company logos and of course an ‘about us’ section’ where people can find complete detail of a company. Generally the ‘about us’ section comprises things like company history, summary of company’s operation, a mission statement and a list of products and services that it sells or manufactures. These days, most corporate sites are having a special ‘people section’ that provides biographical information about the companies, the founders and board members.  

As the main purpose of a corporate website is to provide as much information as possible about the owner company, it should have a ‘news’ section where people can find press releases, news and articles about the company. Other than these a corporate website may include other sections for investors and employees of a company. It depends entirely on the SEO people and the designers to design a corporate website properly. It is their onus to design a website in such a way so that it can cater to the needs of the company which is maintaining the site.


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