Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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We at Aslog Tech(www.aslogtech.com) deeply believe in the visualization of a website and hence stress on advanced web development.
Delivery Models
Aslog Tech offers various models for the engagement with the customers for project execution. The Business scenario with every customer is unique. The customer can derive benefits with our flexible offerings by leveraging on our technical resource pools and also avoid hassles/delays caused due to involvement of Human resource allocation staff.

Onsite Model
In the onsite model, we depute our professionals at client site(s), affording an opportunity of working out of their 'natural habitat', as it were. This model makes eminent sense for the client, with close and frequent customer interaction, and a first-hand feel for the situation.

Offshore Model
In this instance, we carry out the actual development services at our facilities in Kolkata, India. Deliverables are possible through digital communication links, the Internet or media of client choice.

Hybrid Model
In certain situations where the projects complex and mission critical applications are to be delivered with the most stringent deadlines, this model is highly recommended. Depending on parameters such as volume, complexities and involvement of the customer, the combination of on-site and off-shore resources are defined. This model ensures constant interaction of the on-site team with the client thus reducing the problems arising due to communication gap. There is also a substantial cost reduction due to a large Offshore Component.

Time and Material
Our clients can utilize the services of our highly-qualified resources on time and material assignments for consulting. We offer time and material services for both onsite as well as offshore assignments. In such engagements, the client has complete flexibility in working with our Associates and engaging them in tasks that match their expertise.

Fixed Bid
Tailor-made to the requirements of our clients, our 'fixed bid' project model provides the framework for a win-win scenario, in which the client is assured of quality deliverables within budget, on schedule. At the same time, we are assured of rewards for successful and on-time delivery of the assigned task.



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