Friday, April 9, 2010

Website Design and Development | Web Development Service

Web development service is a broad concept which includes various things ranging from developing a single web page to high level of electronic business solutions, web-based internet applications and social networking services with the help of advanced technologies and softwares. Web development service not only means developing and designing a web page but providing everything that is needed to make it optimally visible by the search engines.
Portal development service or web portal development service refers to the job of creating a portal that can help a company to build online community and makes users register more frequently for using its services. It is very essential for a business organization to make sure that the customers who have once used its products or services come back to it again and again. A well planned and designed web portal makes this process a lot easier. A web portal equipped with updated features and interactive tools can be a perfect representative of a company on the web.
A website or a portal should aim at increasing the rate of visitors and for that it has to be attractive. No matter how well-researched a website or portal it cannot fetch much traffic if it fails to attract the eyes of the visitors. That's where you need creative multimedia services. Creative multimedia services include creating attractive flash presentations and animations that make browsing through a portal enjoyable for visitors. With the use of latest flash technology it is possible to create amazing presentations, animations and graphics that make a site or portal distinct from the rest of the crowd.
Online marketing services or internet marketing or e-marketing service refers to the process of selling and marketing of products and services on the internet or online. Online marketing is a 24x7 service that makes it easier for a company to make people know about its products and services without sending marketing teams to business centers and door to door. It is cost effective and the best way of interaction between companies and clients. Online marketing service includes management of electronic customer management systems and digital customer data. It is a complex process that brings together several technical aspects like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, reputation management, crisis management, SMO and PPC.
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